Client Access

Wide range of market making strategies

From the simplest algorithm to our most advanced robot, you'll find the solution that suits your needs. Triangular arbitrage, dynamic inventory risk management and much more...

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Smart Brokerage

Our OTC Desk can execute large buy/sell orders with our automated routines and market insights built thanks to the research we produce. Real-time pricing is available. We also do specific brokerage for illiquid coins.

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We work with exchanges, institutional investors, and ICO/STO projects

Crypto currency market seas are not easy to sail. We provide our expertise to every actor of the ecosystem and help them to catch opportunities and consider hidden risks. We therefore adopt a very pedagogic stance and involve our clients in the strategies we develop for them.

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We're more than just a regular market maker

We produce our own research

We stay ahead of the curve and can provide exclusive insights

We have a distinct entity for everything that involves research and papers. We design last generation tools. In house algorithm and proprietary libraries allow us to retrieve, analyze and visualize market data and investors' behaviors. We only communicate about a third of our tools, as we consider R&D an essential asset.

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Financial services

Traditional Finance professionalism brought to the crypto world

We offer traditional finance products and services, helping our clients to protect their funds and build sustainable projects.

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Open projects

Let us know what you want to build

We have programmers, data scientists and financial engineers ready to analyze your requests and find solutions to your issue.

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