* ]Stratcoins[ - Market Maker for the Crypto Industry

Empowering the client

We adopt a very pedagogic stance toward our clients and the crypto ecosystem taken as a whole.

We want to empower our client by providing them an exhaustive overview of their funds and ongoing strategies.

We therefore offer Android and iOS apps. The client can start, stop, relaunch and adapt the parameters of his strategy at any time, without any request to us. Of course, we update our recommended settings on a regular basis, depending on the market environment. Of course, we remain available at anytime to advise our clients.


We developed a specific and rigorous methodology to allow our algorithms to work on the behalf of our client, while ensuring them a total and instantaneous access to their funds and the way we access their account.

With this methodology, our clients can :

1) Select if we're able to proceed market orders, or only limit orders
2) Select if we're able to withdraw crypto currency. Clients can set up a white-list to improve security and limit the addresses we can interact with. So 0 theft risk...
3) Revoke our access and therefore stop all of our services. Our clients always have the control.
4) Access a complete history of the market making activity, at any time. The orders we submit on the behalf of our clients are reported and stored by a trusted third party, not by our services.

All of these actions can only be done with the client account credentials. We do not have access to those details, at any time.

Also, we never hold nor store your funds.


Given those procedures, our clients carry different type of risks, among them we find: inventory risk, transfer risk, exchange risk, isolates hack risk. They accept the fact that our services can result in the loss of a part or the totality of the fund managed by our algorithms.

Fees and contract details

Our clients can stop our service at any time, without any preliminary period. We implement our strategies, under your permanent control, with your funds. We do not involve our own funds nor rent funds from our clients for dedicated market making services. To get details about how we could work with our funds, contact us.