* ]Stratcoins[ - Market Maker for the Crypto Industry

We leverage on our legacy finance background

Professionalism, rigorousness and attention to details are often very important qualities to have in the traditionnal quantitative finance world, especially when dealing with risks. As you probably know, these standards are lower in the current Defi world and we want to help changing that

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Smart pricing as a service

The crypto market is highly volatile and market timing is the most important factor for a brokerage deal.

While analyzing clients needs to purchase large amounts of tokens (liquid or illiquid) we developed a smart brokerage routine that allows the client to reduce slippage costs and benefit from our market insights. Thanks to our algorithm and our Research Lab we are able to build complex code to help our users at finding the right time to enter the market

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Hedge ? Why hedge ?

We first understand the risk appetite of our clients then offer to help them building relevant screening tools to assess the risk and potential reward of an exposure at any time.

Sailing in illiquid markets

We have specific tools and methodologies to work on illiquid markets (dead coins, less than 3BTC daily volume).

Tailormade solutions

You want us to build a specific tool ? To develop an exclusive, tailormade strategy ? Contact us.

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