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Market Making Services

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Simple market making strategies

It's is a zero risk strategy. The market maker is 100% net provider of liquidity but bid/ask and depth targets are conservative. We do not execute arbitrage opportunities to let other actors trade these. We therefore encourage the growth of an organic and natural volume on your coin/platform.

Intermediate market making strategies

Same strategy as before. We now execute arbitrage opportunities. As way of consequence, we are now 60% net liquidity provider. We benefit from those arbitrage opportunities and share profits with our clients. We create volume and can offer tighter bid/ask spread and deeper orderbook conditions.

Advanced market making strategies

For most ambitious clients, we can offer strategies allowing their crypto pair to get an optimal diminution of its bid/ask spreads on their exchanges. This strategy implies taking temporary exposition without being hedged. Clients choosing this option can benefit from our algorithm and even make profits carrying this inventory risk... You can get live performances of our algorithm here.

By reducing bid/ask, we create the adequate conditions for your clients and partners to use your coin. As we may not execute arbitrage opportunities, we also increase the attractiveness of your coin for professional and automated traders.

Market makers offer liquidity, and our algorithm and expertise allow us to fulfill this goal even during extreme market stress

Traditional finance services

As we come from the traditional finance world, we have a strong experience on financial products and how they can help projects to catch opportunities or to gain sustainability in time

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Smart Brokerage

The crypto market is highly volatile and market timing is the most important factor for a brokerage deal.

While analyzing clients needs to purchase large amounts of tokens (liquid or illiquid) we developed a smart brokerage routine that allows the client to reduce slippage costs and benefit from our market insights. Thanks to our algorithm and our Research Lab we target the right entry for the client and are able to gather liquidity from every market actors (exchanges, OTC desks ...).

Using our expertise and exclusive tools, we can offer more competitive prices than a regular OTC Desk for large orders.

Hedging, order execution, financial services and strategy

Simple and dynamic hedging of your funds

We can cover a part of your funds. We can cover a part of your funds against an adverse move of XX%. We can build options strategies to create a hedging that suits your needs

Sailing in illiquid markets

We have specific tools and methodologies to work on illiquid markets (dead coins, less than 3BTC daily volume). We get an average 40% discount using our algorithm compared to an immediate market order execution on those markets. We find the best way to buy/sell desired amounts of tokens, without introducing extreme move on your coin.

Tailormade solutions

You want us to build a specific tool ? To develop an exclusive, tailormade strategy ? Contact us.

We also work on exchanges with our own funds, when they offer resilient fees for private market makers

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